About Us

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

In 2015 Matthew Pollotta, after having spent the entirety of his career in digital marketing, only felt he could create a company that could do it better. He did not come from a traditional path. He was not a marketing major. Instead, he had a degree in computer science. He’d often be the one writing the software the marketers were using to satisfy their clients.

He decided to write marketing software for his company.

The objective was simple. Provide clients with an advantage they could not get anywhere else. In every facet, clientele would be elevated, and their competition would be subdued. Clients should be driven to the forefront of Google search. Tandem efforts with AdWords and SEO could propel them into the spotlight.

Pollotta Digital Marketing was born. Eight months after inception the first product was delivered. An AdWords manager with proprietary algorithms. So many other companies usually peddle their services under the guise of a third party’s software. The results can be anything, and no one has any idea what's under the software’s hood. All of that could now be done away with.

Social media advertising was added soon after. Email campaigns and reputation monitoring after that. Today we function as a full-service digital marketing agency.