A description of e-commerce and its various considerations for a successful launch. E-Commerce


By Pollotta Digital Marketing | April 21, 2016

Online retail is now a staple in the lives of most Americans. Having heavily modified the way both business and consumer complete transactions e-commerce (or ecommerce) has become on overwhelmingly transformative technology that is almost a necessary component to even a brick-and-mortar business presence. Various technologies are implemented to facilitate a secure and smooth shopping experience.

A key factor in e-commerce that’s often overlooked is the trust factor that needs to be established with the consumer before they’re willing to do business. In this case consumer can represent the buyer for either the B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) scenarios. Besides a representative need for security to be placed front and center the overall quality of the site and its design are absolutely paramount when in reference to consumer confidence.

The bottom line is that on top of having fierce competition in the online marketplace there are also a number of disreputable sites out there. Convincing a business or consumer to take a chance on or even favor a new online entity requires a deft hand with both the sites overall presentation and by establishing a carefully crafted SEO (search engine optimization) campaign that provides references from already established online entities. The need for in depth SEO and the accompanying research for an e-commerce site cannot be overstated.

Logistical considerations require a careful review of the company’s products and/or service offerings. Selecting the right software package to meet the needs of the client can save quite a bit of both time and money. Not to mention provide the correct organization and managerial systems to compliment the clients already established business practices.

Moreover the grand scale of a successful e-commerce approach requires an exceptional attention to detail.