The Windows of Heaven website was designed to be functional in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Windows of Heaven

Windows of Heaven

By Pollotta Digital Marketing | May 27, 2016

Windows of Heaven ( is an established business in New Jersey with over 30 years of being in business as a window cleaning service. We were honored when they came to us asking if we would work with their branding and solidify their online initiative.

The first thing we did was redesign their logo so that it would match the strength and integrity that is such a hallmark of the company itself. We played with the obvious tenets of them being a window cleaning company by incorporating the obvious symbol of a window. The logo was skewed to add depth and the top right corner was sun-kissed to show just what kind of results you could expect from this company.

The website had an enormously pragmatic focus on functionality. Ultimately users were to find what they were looking for as quickly as possible and have the means to reach out to the company as easily as possible. This was achieved with a simple layout and a responsive design that allowed such easy navigability on any device.